June 2022 Rides

A page featuring galleries and links for cycle tours undertaken during June 2022.

I ride regularly, and I do not necessarily post a web page for each tour I do.

I do post to Facebook, Garmin Connect, Strava and occasionally to Komoot and Instagram.

Monthly Tours

Wonderful Life in Gö – June 30 2022 Road Ride

Riding purely asphalt is a little kinder on my still sore body (from my recent crash) than pedalling over gravel, but the combination of summer heat and one month off the bike made for a 41-kilometre mini sufferfest.

Nonetheless riding interesting and almost car free roads makes for a wonderful cycling life.

On Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/7392924522

Setting Sun in Gö – June 28 2022 Gravel Ride

This was my first evening ride of the year and with the backdrop of a setting sun I was able to exorcise a few of my post bike crash demons on one of my favourite routes.


On Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/7384053955

Gravel Therapy in Gö – June 25 2022 Gravel Ride

My first gravel ride in seven weeks and I was nervous, before I had my recent bike crash, I rode with care but with infinite confidence. Now, I feel a little different, tentative I would say although this might be because my body still hurts from my injuries making me feel uncomfortable on my bike.

I rode softly on this tour and it was good gravel therapy giving me a sense of my old self. I took the opportunity to scout a couple of sectors of gravel (at 12km) to be included in a proposed Gö Strade Bianche Party Ride in July with Josh Schenk.

Also, good news because I can now look over my left shoulder and I can take a drink from my water bottle without stopping! I did regret undertaking a bunny hop which did jar my shoulder a wee bit.


On Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/7366598772

After the Fall in Gö – June 22 2022 Road Ride

I have been treading water since my fall (not a fall as far as the Devil´s) keeping my head above the tide of life, happy knowing that my health outcomes are super favourable.

I am now into the seventh week since the accident and the general medical opinion is that my injuries should be well on the way to being healed by now, at least the worst is over but there is a caveat, this being that it can take months for me to be completely free of the effects.

Despite a few aches, pains and running on empty for the last ten I rode over 45 kilometres on this tour. On route we spotted a coach decked out in the colours of our local UCI pro-cycling team, which was cool.

On Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/7350636377

Not Killing Me in Gö – June 16 2022 Road Ride

On Sunday I rode my bike for the first time after five weeks off because of injury (see below) and I felt good, but this time it seemed harder.

I assume the rush of excitement of the first ride lessened the pain, and this time a few days later I was more aware of my injuries – my body ached, and I had little feeling of strength.

Nonetheless it was a great pedal undertaken on quiet tree lined roads in warm weather and bright sunshine.

New for the ride was a POC helmet a replacement for my crash damaged one and once more I kept to smooth asphalt.

Oh well, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger etc….


On Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/7318903031

Happy in Gö – June 12 2022 Road Ride

I am happy! This was my first ride since I had my bike accident, and it marks the 36th day (5 weeks on Sunday) of my recovery. Today it was all about taking it easy and gauging how I am! I sought out smooth asphalt but nonetheless it was a wee bit painful.

It was great to see the wildflowers in bloom even if there may be less because farmers are being encouraged in Germany to grow crops to the edge of fields to help offset the world supply of food because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

My crash had occurred in the blink of an eye when my front tyre dug into a hidden rut, and it sent myself and bike high into the air. We conducted a perfect Aerial (somersault), but my landing was rubbish and I hit the ground ridiculously hard still clipped into the pedals with the bike above me. It was a freak accident, and the outcome was worse than I have ever experienced in a crash. (See artists impression)

My local doctor described my injuries as ´Multiplest Haematoma´ and she ushered me to the hospital emergency department fearing for my liver and kidneys. Amazingly I had broken no bones and although I had multiple impact injuries to legs, shoulders, head, ribs, chest and back it was mostly deep bruising.

I was f***ed up and unable to function, at first, I of course suggested I would be able to shake off my injuries in a day or two, and that was my first challenge to accept that it might take some time to recover.

Highlights included –
1 Being able to sleep (sort of) in a bed although painfully after days perched upright on the sofa.
2 Being able to put on my own socks!

The lesson learnt from this crash is that I will allow myself a little more room for error in future, I put my tyre too close to a known unknown.

I am grateful that my accident was a life interrupted and not a life changed (for the worse).

An interesting aside and new to me being a Brit bought up with the National Health Service, is that I received a letter from my health insurance provider asking if the accident was my fault or not. If someone else was to blame, then they would wish to claim back from them to recover the costs of my care. Almost everyone in Germany not only has health but also personal liability insurance and for good reason (useful also if you knock over a friends Ming Vase).

On Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/7297352603

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