Iceberg! In Gö – February 15 2021 Snow/Road Ride (Schneemageddon Tag 9)

During eight days of Schneemageddon 2021 when at times the temperature fell to minus 23, I opted to enjoy the winter wonderland by walking and tobogganing in the snow.

Finally, with the winter wonderland warming up, we set out on our bikes in the Leine Valley riding a mix of gravel, farm roads, and asphalt.

With the temperature hovering at zero we were prudent, and it was NOT ´full speed ahead´ as per Captain Smith of the Titanic because we hold a respect for ice (even when not a berg) and the trouble it can spell for us two wheelers.

The sinking of the Titanic passenger liner in 1912 is well known. The inquiry (s) did suggest that Captain Smith of the Titanic might have been more prudent to cut the ships speed on receiving news of icebergs in the area, but as this was not normal practice greater blame was not apportioned to him or his crew. Ice warnings and collisions were part of the maritime experience of the time with ships seldom lost it would seem.

Lots of Winter Wonderland Pictures
Schneemageddon Tag 1
Schneemageddon Tag 2
Schneemageddon Tag 3
Schneemageddon Tag 4
Schneemageddon Tag 5
Schneemageddon Tag 6
Schneemageddon Tag 7
Schneemageddon Tag 8
Schneemageddon Finale

The Ride
26km featuring snow and a long stretch of asphalt.

Having opted to not ride my bike during schneemageddon 2021 to avoid the cold this tour was conducted with the accompaniment of an icy wind which made it feel colder than the ambient zero.

Riding through snow churned up by tractor or cars was a huge struggle at times, but once on the hard pack (sans ice) it makes for a good pace. Soon the snow will thaw and the trails will become a muddy mess!

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