Meeting on the Frontline – September 10 2020 Gravel/Road Ride

The last time I had met anyone on a ´front line´ was in Brixton, London and today I met five riders at what was the Iron Curtain front line at Besenhausen just outside of Göttingen in Central Germany.

Where once barbed wire and a death strip split the countryside along ideological lines, now Sunflowers and wildflowers grow adjacent to a ploughed field. Much of the infrastructure of the Internal Border has been removed here although signs remind us of the scene before it fell in 1989.

The five I met have been riding a socially orientated version of the Grenzsteintrophy, a ride that follows the old border and which is renowned for its hardships.

I rode out to the border via gravel roads and rode back to Gö with Josh along an asphalt cycle path so he could go home for a short while. He will re-join the group later.

I just love the groups Panzer bikes, and each is so personal to the rider.


The Ride
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