Stein – August 19 2020 Road/Gravel Ride

Riding a circuit is cool, you can stay close to home, you can step off when your body says so and you can go home should a monsoon attack.

What it doesn´t have to be is boring!

This tough 15km circuit ridden on a 28m front and 26m rear tyre featured asphalt, stein roads, Kopfsteinpflaster (pave), dirt, Panzerweg, Befestigter Waldweg and gravel.

Riding thin tyres on rough stuff makes you a better gravel off road rider, it requires you to think and to nurse your wheels over the nasty bits and this experience can be very useful even when you are tooled up with fat rubber. My body aches from riding two circuits on my road/gravel bike!

The Ride
Garmin Connect:

Two Circuits

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