Scouting All Along the Watchtower 11 – July 14 2020 Gravel Ride

I thought I had finished scouting All Along the Watchtower but during the Covid-19 lockdown I rethought the ride.

The ride will now be spilt into three, one will feature the warte (watchtowers), another three castles and a long ride that will include both warte and castles.

Watchtowers and castles tend to be on top of hills so all the routes especially the castle version involves climbing. I began todays scouting at the Jerome Pavilion in Göttingen where a Bonaparte brother once met his lovers during his time as King of the area.

I visited the ruins of two Warte´s on this ride and I climbed past the Max Planck Institute, continued by ascending over the Nikolausberg area and then some great downhill sections. Followed by a climb up to the Kehr atop the Hainberg where any remains of a Warte are long lost. Also here are a few metres of tarmac where once Auto Unions and Mercedes did battle during the 20/30s.

Soon I will ride the complete version of the Warte ride, then it is the Three Castles and hopefully the tough combined castle and watchtower ride.

30km. (with lots of stops to take pictures)

The Ride
Garmin Connect:

Jerome´s love nest

The Landwehr was a defensive line made up of a chain of watchtowers and barriers made with thorn bushes

A stone road ran along this section of Landwehr

A modern wall and a tree signify where a Warte once stood

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