Close Shave Therapie – July 10 2020 Road Ride

I rode this day over known benign roads to get ´back on the horse´, to eat cake and to make things good in my head, body, and soul.

Several days earlier at over 30kph on a farm track my front wheel had hit a rut hidden by long grass which had been carved by a tractor when the ground was soft and now made hard by the sun. The rut acted like a tram line spitting my wheel sideways into the air and I hit the ground in a moment. I lay senseless sprawled across the trail for a little while before I could gather myself together and remount to foolishly continue my ride.

It was only when I got home that my partner Andrea looked at me and she told me that I had a big lump and a massive bruise on my head (my helmet was broken). It was at that point that the ignorance of what I had done to myself drained away and I felt how battered I was.

On reflection and with my head OK and my body very sore but nothing broken, I now realise I was a hairsbreadth to being confined to a hospital or at least my own bed with greater injuries. It was the worst crash I have had in a decade and I will increase my margin for error in the future.

My accident gave me the closest of shaves with the keenest edge of a Cutthroat Razor and I am gratefully happy to be able to pedal to eat cake.

I didn´t even mind being rained on!

(Saubere Rasur Therapy)


The Ride
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