Ready Steady Pedal – October 7 2019 Road/Gravel Ride

´Ready Steady Go´ was the first British pop music TV show in Britain (I was just a few years too young to view it in the 60’s) and this day we went for a ready and steady pedal.

Our route out of Goettingen mixed gravel and tarmac (mostly), such was our steady approach that we chilled out by a lake and picnicked in the autumn sunshine after buying cakes, croissants and being given free biscuits at the Gross Schneen bakery.

We ate our fare in the grounds of what was once the manor house of Besenhausen and then we played on a zip wire in Bodenhausen.

Both spots are just two of many old farming (and small industry) heritage sites in the area and at the latter the letter boxes on the houses tell us that they are still occupied by the Boden family.

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Cycle Fahrrad Goettingen home page



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