As high as an elephant’s eye – July 14 2019 Ride

A week off the bike after bashing my ribs after a very slow and silly fall from my road bike, I set off to redeem myself with a Sunday gravel run.

I must have had my mind elsewhere when getting dressed….. oh yes, and thankfully I was told before I would be outed on social media that I had my bib shorts on inside out… What a clanger and rather sheepishly I sorted myself out and I was grateful that not one wanted to use me for click bait.

Much welcome rain has fallen in the last week which is great and amazingly the trails in these parts dry very fast. Prior to this ride I had swapped my Challenge Tyres Chicane semi-slick on the front wheel for a Grifo, my reasoning being that during the very dry spell the dust had become so fine that I needed something to cut through it and into firmer stuff. The fact that it rained like stink after I did this was a further good use of the all-round Grifo.

My injuries made me go ‘oooh’ a few times otherwise it was OK although now I’m home my ribs do ache. Thankfully during the ride a cake was a fine pain killer.

The crops in the fields are as the song goes (Oklahoma) ‘as high as an elephant’s eye’ and sunflowers have emerged out of the wild flowers.

The Ride: No ride GPS but about 40km in total ridden.

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