Only mad dogs and Englishmen, plus Gunnar… – June 26 ride

Only mad dogs and Englishmen, plus Gunnar Fehlau go out in the mid-day sun

Noel Coward wrote a song in the 1930’s satirising the English – “Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid-day sun.”

Previous to this Rudyard Kipling had written about the English in Empire India: “Only fools and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun”.

Today, I (English/Welshman) and Gunnar Fehlau (German) were with that mad dog as we did a quick 30k off and on road. (no GPS as I had forgotten to recharge).

It would seem that a Spanish Plume has developed over Spain where hot air is being drawn from North Africa and on into France and Central Europe.

At ride completion I had two empty drink bottles the first time in years that that has happened, one with flavoured water and the other just water, the latter I had used to pour over my head at times.

With the sun scalding it was great to be in the coolness of the forests.

The fields after the completion of the Spargel (Asparagus) harvest are now full of Strawberries which smell fantastic!

The Strawberry pictures were taken the day before after Andrea had been swimming in the Wendebach Stausee lake.

We are expecting it to hit 40 by the weekend.

The ride: I forgot to recharge the Garmin….

Cycle Fahrrad Goettingen home page

Strawberry Fields for ever

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