Cooler in the Forest – June 5 2019 Ride

Sunday it was hot at over 30, on Monday a massive storm hit central Europe and Tuesday we all kept under cover, but on Wednesday the sun shone and once again it hit over 30.

I have noticed that many Germans have hydrometers and barometers (we have both) and watch the rise and full of the damp in the air (and mold danger in the house) and I thought us Brit’s had weather on our minds.

The point is that the weather here in Central Europe does seem different and the Germans like to keep an eye on it; it feels hotter when hot and colder when cold. Weather can be seen for kilometres in advance as it progresses across the continent. I have seen wild weather in the UK which is changeable because of our island location, but I have never seen storms like I have seen here and I really do think that the gods were striking anvils and letting fly sparks, and the noise, thunder shook the roof.

On Wednesday we kept our ride simple and the best place to go on a hot day in Germany is the forest, it is so much cooler! We found some single track and I got a little nervous at the edge of some mighty drops when my vertigo kicked in.

We looked across at the Harz Mountains, ate ‘snogs’, smelled flowers and generally agreed that it was better than being in an IKEA car park or similar. (we recently spent a hot day buying a sofa and a sofa bed)

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