All along the watchtowers 2 – May 6 2019 ride

With my favourite Jimi Hendrix song in my head I got a little carried away.

I had intended a simple spin down to the Bahn, but I became adventurous and rode some great and new to me gravel roads. On route I managed to include two old watchtowers (hence the song) that once guarded the approaches along the Leine Valley.

I am told that a family once lived in the first watchtower post WW2 period because of a housing shortage.

Sadly though when I got to the Bahn at 7.45pm everyone had gone home and so I am yet to see someone ride round the Goettingen track!

One thing I have noticed here in Germany is that there is lots of nature including amazing birds of prey, sadly though there seems to be so few insects. On route I came across a number of EU schemes part of a pan-European project to create habitats for insects etc. Unfortunately the British participation looks unlikely for the future.

The Ride:

Goettingen ahead with the Town Hall tower visible

The second watch tower

The bahn

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