Gutingi STEIN PRBX – Hainberg Befestigter Waldweg Gallery

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Gutingi Befestigter Waldweg – Hainberg Stein/Gravel Ride
A cycle ride based upon the Hainberg overlooking the German city of Göttingen featuring gravel, forest trails, Panzerweg, Kopfsteinpflaster, some use of public roads and importantly gnarly Befestigter Waldweg.

Pictures in the gallery were taken during scouting sessions and rides.

Gö PRBX – October 8 2020
Stein – August 19 2020
Stoned, Nicht Roubaix – July 30 2020


Gö PRBX – October 8 2020 Gravel/Stein/Road Tour

Stein – August 19 2020 Stein/Road/Gravel Ride

Göttingen Pflaster/Cobbles
A gallery of sections of ´Rough Stuff´ not in the Hainberg, which I would have liked to have added to the ride.

Scouting Pictures

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