Thinking Guerilla Gardening in Gö – March 7 2021 Gravel/Road Ride

´Guerilla Gardening´, die weißen Straßen des Leine-damit sie toskanisch aussehen?

Ein kalter Wind wehte und kein Schlamm!

56km und 23 gravel sektors.

I played Strade Bianche on Göttingen´s currently off-white roads – in my head I was MvdP or Chantal Van Den Broek-Blaak.

It also occurred to me that guerrilla gardening could see sections of the gravel roads lined with Tuscan trees – Poplars and Cypress.

Although the Leine Valley is not Tuscany it does have white roads and lots of them. There are also some cool trees nonetheless a touch of Tuscany would do no harm.

A cold wind blew on this ride and I did get cold but thankfully there was no mud!

The Ride – 56km and 23 gravel sectors.
Garmin Connect:

Gutingi Strade Bianche routes

It might not be Tuscany but its still cool in Gö

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