In my head are dreams – November 21 2019 Road/Gravel Ride

Although no rain has fallen for a few days everything is wet and mist hangs low over city and country (making the denkmal at Friedland very moody looking).

This ride began with a 23-kilometre pedal with Gunnar Fehlau taking in tarmac only, although dirty. After Gunnar had to return to work, I continued opting to ride six gravel sections (5 long and 1 short), many very muddy tarmac and concrete farmers roads, wet tarmac cycle paths plus quiet public roads.

In my head I was playing out my cycling dreams – my team mate (Gunnar) had taken me toward the end game of a race (I didn´t ride at anything like race speed), setting me up for the rough stuff ahead (and the imaginary win).

At Paris Roubaix it is at Troisvilles when they come off the tarmac and hit the first section of cobbles and at the Strade Bianche the first gravel is at Vidritta (at 17km). I was in both places in my head.

The Ride (54km)
Garmin Connect:
Strava –

Cycle Fahrrad Goettingen home page

How tarmac gets muddy

Friedland Museum

When tarmac gets dirty

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