Freddie Frinton – November 3 2019 Road/Gravel Ride

To paraphrase the English comic actor who is probably better known in Germany than his home country my ride today was almost ´same procedure as last time´. (Dinner for One)

With the weather being unsettled my ride was a little bit dictated by whether it would rain, and I mean RAIN, rather than just being damp. As it was this was a warm and dry pedal where I followed familiar trails and I added a trip to Appenrode with the climb up past the Gleichen Hills (great views across to the Harz Mountains). Then it was fast down to Gelliehausen and Benniehausen

At this time of the year the farmers are gathering in the final harvests and therefore the farm roads are caked in mud.

I do like the big barns that are common in this area and across Germany.

The Ride
Garmin Connect:
On Strava:

Cycle Fahrrad Goettingen home page


Looking toward the Harz Mountains


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