Cabin Fever (not quite) – September 27 Gö Strada Bianche Ride

To say I had cabin fever would be to overstate it, rather after a few days of heavy rain having pinned me to home I knew I needed to pedal. I can accept a good drenching if I am out, but I do not venture forth into it at the start of a ride.

Today I finally found a moment when it stopped pouring down and I had the time to ride. I thought any minute the heavens will once again open and thus I stayed close to home taking in the Gö white gravel roads which are linked up with cycle paths and quiet open highway.

The thing is that here it dries very quickly and the sun came out! In fact it was easier to ride the gravel when wet than when dusty dry, the only dodgy bits were the wet mud patches on the concrete farmers roads and I had a few lovely front wheel slides to keep me staying alert.

This route will be a regular autumn/winter route for me.

Note: A ‘Gö Strada Bianche’ ride is one that includes sections of tarmac connected by the ‘white’ gravel roads of Goettingen and includes concrete weg, other gravel, cobbles and dirt, but nothing too gnarly!

The Ride
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Cycle Fahrrad Goettingen home page

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