International Cyclo Cross 2018/19 Dates

Cyclo cross has a deep, deep programme of events at a local, regional, national and world level. Each one of these races can often attract 500 or more riders, plus huge numbers of fans at some and below is a calendar of UCI registered races.

The UCI ranks each race in status with CMM (World Championships), CDM (World level), CN (National Championship), C1 and C2. The bread and butter of the UCI calendar are C1 and C2 events.

The top series is the Telenet UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup starting this year in Waterloo, USA and it ends in Hoogerheide in the Netherlands. The series also visits famous spots such as Koksijde, the citadel at Namur, the motor race circuit at Heusden-Zolder and the fearsome Gavere.

The World Championships are set to be held in Denmark in January 2019.

Just below the World Cup is the Telenet Superprestige series which offers regular World-class action in the Netherlands and Belgium. Following on is the Belgium focussed DVV verzekeringen trofee which features probably the most popular race at the infamous Koppenberg.

But these races are just the tip of the iceberg because each country hosts a national series such as the Czech Toi Toi Cup or the Swiss EKZ Cross Tour, both being cross hotbeds that are on the up. In the USA cross has notably exploded in popularity and the Charm City Cross, Gloucester Cup and Waterloo Cup are great events often held over two days. In fact many series have moved to a two day format such as the British National Trophy to enable more races and people to take part.

There are also a myriad of events that are not part of a race series – the evening race Kiremko Nacht van Woerden in the Netherlands, the Kermiscross and the GP Neerpelt held in Belgium. Where ever you look in the UCI calendar there are more gems including action from Japan, Italy, France, Slovakia and Germany.

It really is a busy calendar and watch out for all the action held during the Christmas and New Year season for it includes some mighty events.

As I have done for a few seasons now I will do my best to post race results and video links to UCI rated cyclo cross races. The big issue concerns geo-restrictions on video which may mean a bit of a struggle to find links etc.

Many races are live streamed either by mainstream media or by local organisations and so often we cross fans find ourselves on somewhat dodgy websites attempting to pick up the action.

Livestreams are sometimes available on Eurosport (plus media player), or via such sites as CyclingFans, Steephill or Procyclinglive and do check out event websites for clues about broadcasts (sometimes local and regional channels are good). The UCI YouTube channel should feature the World Cup races.

The Global Cycling Network are to show many of the top races live in the UK – these will include Brico Cross, Superprestige and DVV verzekeringen trofee.

The results page also features web links.

2018/19 Results/Video Links

2017/18 Season – 2016/17 Season – 2015/16 Season

2018/19 UCI Race Dates
Categories – CDM, CC, CN, C1 and C2. Not forgetting CCM (masters).

Daphny van den Brand at Gavere

05.08.2018 Chilean National Championships Santiago de Chile CN CHI
11.08.2018 Australian National Championships Sam Miranda, Victoria CN AUS
25.08.2018 2018 Cyclo-Cross National Series 8 Fields of Joy CX C2 AUS
26.08.2018 2018 Cyclo-Cross National Series 9 Fields of Joy CX C2 AUS
01.09.2018 Deschutes Brewery’s GO Cross Roanoke, VA, USA C2 USA
02.09.2018 Deschutes Brewery’s GO Cross Roanoke, VA, USA C2 USA
02.09.2018 Qiansen trophy Aohan Station Aohan County C1 CHN
08.09.2018 Rochester Cyclocross Rochester, NY C1 USA
09.09.2018 Rochester Cyclocross Rochester, NY C2 USA
15.09.2018 Nittany Lion Cross Breinigsville , PA C2 USA
16.09.2018 EKZ CrossTour Baden C1 SUI
16.09.2018 Geraardsbergen Geraardsbergen / Eeklo C2 BEL
16.09.2018 Nittany Lion Cross Breinigsville , PA C2 USA
19.09.2018 RenoCross Reno, NV C1 USA
21.09.2018 Trek Cup Waterloo Wisconsin C2 USA
23.09.2018 Radcross Illnau Illnau C2 SUI
23.09.2018 Telenet UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup Waterloo CDM USA
28.09.2018 Jingle Cross Iowa City, Iowa C2 USA
28.09.2018 Toi Toi Cup Unicov C1 CZE
29.09.2018 Grand Prix Poprad Poprad C1 SVK
29.09.2018 Telenet UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup Jingle Cross Iowa City CDM USA
30.09.2018 Jingle Cross Iowa City, Iowa C1 USA
30.09.2018 KMC CrossFest Thompson,CT C2 USA
06.10.2018 Berencross Meulebeke C2 BEL
06.10.2018 Cyclo-cross International de la Solidarité Lutterbach-Pfastatt C2 FRA
06.10.2018 Charm City Cross Baltimore, MD C1 USA
06.10.2018 West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix – West Sacramento, California C2 USA
06.10.2018 Toi Toi Cup Hlinsko C2 CZE
07.10.2018 West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix West Sacramento, California C2 USA
07.10.2018 Kronborg Park Cross Helsingør C2 DEN
07.10.2018 Charm City Cross Baltimore, MD C2 USA
07.10.2018 EKZ CrossTour Aigle C1 SUI
07.10.2018 Bioracer International Cyclo-cross Belfast C2 IRL
07.10.2018 Hotondcross Ronse – Kluisbergen C1 BEL
07.10.2018 National Trophy Series Round 1 Derby C2 GBR
07.10.2018 Grand Prix Slovakia 2 TBC C2 SVK
08.10.2018 Ibaraki Cyclocross Toride Stage Nakauchi, Toride-city C2 JPN
13.10.2018 CRAFT Sportsware Gran Prix of Gloucester Gloucester, MA USA C2 USA
13.10.2018 US Open of Cyclocross Day 1 Boulder, CO C2 USA
13.10.2018 Lokeren Lokeren C2 BEL
13.10.2018 Toi Toi Cup Jicin C2 CZE
14.10.2018 1ère Coupe de France Cyclo-cross Razès – Lac de Saint Pardoux C2 FRA
14.10.2018 Telenet Superprestige Cyclocross Gieten Gieten C1 NED
14.10.2018 US Open of Cyclocross Day 2 Boulder, CO C2 USA
14.10.2018 Ciclocross International Xaxancx Marin-Pontevedra C2 ESP
14.10.2018 CRAFT Sportsware Gran Prix of Gloucester Gloucester, MA USA C2 USA
18.10.2018 Kermiscross Ardooie C2 BEL
20.10.2018 Sherbrooke CX Sherbrooke C2 CAN
20.10.2018 DCCX Washington, DC C2 USA
20.10.2018 Telenet Superprestige De Schorre Boom Boom C2 BEL
20.10.2018 Grand Prix Podbrezová Podbrezová C2 SVK
21.10.2018 Telenet UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup Bern CDM SUI
21.10.2018 Stockholm cyclocross Stockholm C2 SWE
21.10.2018 Trofeo Nuovi Investimenti Cles (TN) C2 ITA
21.10.2018 Sherbrooke CX Sherbrooke C2 CAN
21.10.2018 Tage des Querfeldeinsports Ternitz C2 AUT
21.10.2018 DCCX Washington, DC C2 USA
23.10.2018 Kiremko Nacht van Woerden Woerden C2 NED
27.10.2018 Grand Prix Slovakia 3 TBC C2 SVK
27.10.2018 Ziklokross Laudio Laudio-Llodio C1 ESP
27.10.2018 Cincinnati UCI Cyclocross – Devou Park Covington, Kentucky C1 USA
27.10.2018 Toi Toi Cup Slany C1 CZE
27.10.2018 HPCX 1 Jamesburg, NJ C2 USA
27.10.2018 GP Neerpelt Neerpelt C2 BEL
28.10.2018 Cyclo-cross de Jablines Jablines C2 FRA
28.10.2018 Grand Prix Slovakia 4 TBC C2 SVK
28.10.2018 Internationales Radquer Steinmaur Steinmaur C2 SUI
28.10.2018 National Trophy Series Round 2 Irvine C2 GBR
28.10.2018 Elorrioko Basqueland Ziklokrosa Elorrio C1 ESP
28.10.2018 Cincinnati UCI Cyclocross – Carter Park Kings Mills, Ohio USA C2 USA
28.10.2018 Grand-Prix de la Commune de Contern Contern C2 LUX
28.10.2018 Sagae Round Tohoku CX Series Sagae-shi,Yamagata C2 JPN
28.10.2018 Telenet Superprestige Ruddervoorde Oostkamp – Ruddervoorde C1 BEL
28.10.2018 HPCX 2 Jamesburg, NJ C2 USA
28.10.2018 Munich Super Cross München C2 GER
01.11.2018 DVV verzekeringen trofee – Koppenbergcross Melden – Oudenaarde C1 BEL
03.11.2018 Silver Goose Cyclocross Festival Midland C2 CAN
03.11.2018 UEC Cyclo-cross European Championships Rosmalen CC NED
03.11.2018 Pan-American Cyclo-cross Championships Midland, ON CC CAN
03.11.2018 Ciclocross Manlleu Manlleu C2 ESP
03.11.2018 Really Rad Festival of Cyclocross Day 2 Falmouth, Massachusetts C2 USA
04.11.2018 Really Rad Festival of Cyclocross Day 2 Falmouth, Massachusetts C2 USA
04.11.2018 Gran Premi Internacional ciutat de Vic Vic C2 ESP
10.11.2018 Toi Toi Cup Kolin C1 CZE
10.11.2018 Starlight-cross Hibino Mihama-ku Chiba-city C2 JPN
10.11.2018 The Northampton International Northampton, MA C2 USA
10.11.2018 Canadian National Championships Peterborough, Ontario CN CAN
10.11.2018 DVV verzekeringen trofee – Jaarmarktcross Niel C1 BEL
11.11.2018 Flückiger Cross Madiswil Madiswil C2 SUI
11.11.2018 2ème Coupe de France Cyclo-cross Pierric C2 FRA
11.11.2018 PTBOCX – Lift Lock Cross Peterborough C2 CAN
11.11.2018 XXVI Cyclo-cross de Karrantza Karrantza C2 ESP
11.11.2018 Grand Prix Slovakia 5 TBC C2 SVK
11.11.2018 Telenet Superprestige Gavere Gavere C1 BEL
11.11.2018 National Trophy Series Round 3 Ardingly, near Crawley C2 GBR
11.11.2018 The Northampton International Northampton, MA C2 USA
17.11.2018 Telenet UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup Tabor CDM CZE
17.11.2018 Supercross Day 1 Suffern , NY C2 USA
17.11.2018 Rapha Supercross Nobeyama -Day 1 Minamimaki Village C2 JPN
17.11.2018 Major Taylor Cross Cup Indianapolis C2 USA
18.11.2018 Major Taylor Cross Cup Indianapolis C2 USA
18.11.2018 Rapha Supercross Nobeyama -Day 2 Minamimaki Village C1 JPN
18.11.2018 Supercross Day 2 Suffern , NY C2 USA
18.11.2018 Gran Premi Les Franqueses Les Franqueses C2 ESP
18.11.2018 DVV verzekeringen trofee – Flandriencross Hamme C1 BEL
18.11.2018 EKZ CrossTour Hittnau C1 SUI
24.11.2018 Ambiancecross Wachtebeke C2 BEL
25.11.2018 National Trophy Series Round 4 York C2 GBR
25.11.2018 Grand Prix Orechova Poton Orechova Poton C2 SVK
25.11.2018 KANSAI Cyclo Cross Makino Round Takashima City C2 JPN
25.11.2018 UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup Koksijde CDM BEL
25.11.2018 International Cyclocross Selle SMP -10° Brugherio C2 ITA
30.11.2018 Masters Cyclo-cross World Championships Mol CMM BEL
01.12.2018 NBX GP of Cross 1 warwick C1 USA
01.12.2018 Resolution ‘Cross Cup Garland (Dallas) Texas C2 USA
01.12.2018 GP Hasselt Hasselt C2 BEL
02.12.2018 Resolution ‘Cross Cup Garland (Dallas) Texas C2 USA
02.12.2018 Lampiris Zilvermeercross Mol C2 BEL
02.12.2018 Trofeo San Andrés Ametzaga-Zuia C2 ESP
02.12.2018 NBX GP of Cross 2 warwick C2 USA
02.12.2018 Slovak national championships TBC CN SVK
02.12.2018 NapoCup CycloCross Cluj-Napoca C2 ROU
02.12.2018 Radcross Grandprix Bensheim C2 GER
08.12.2018 IKO cyclocross – Essen Essen C1 BEL
08.12.2018 North Carolina Grand Prix – Race 1 Hendersonville, NC C2 USA
08.12.2018 Ciclocross del Ponte Fae’ Di Oderzo – Treviso C2 ITA
08.12.2018 Ruts ‘n’ Guts 1 Broken Arrow, klahoma C1 USA
08.12.2018 Cyclo-cross Troyes-Rosière Troyes C2 FRA
08.12.2018 Toi Toi Cup Jabkenice C2 CZE
09.12.2018 13° Trofeo di Gorizia Gorizia C2 ITA
09.12.2018 EKZ CrossTour Eschenbach C1 SUI
09.12.2018 North Carolina Grand Prix – Race 2 Hendersonville, NC C2 USA
09.12.2018 Ruts ‘n’ Guts 2 Broken Arrow,Oklahoma C2 USA
09.12.2018 National Trophy Series Round 5 Ipswich C2 GBR
09.12.2018 Ziklo kross Igorre Igorre C2 ESP
09.12.2018 Japanese National Championships Takashima City CN JPN
09.12.2018 Vlaamse Druivencross Overijse C1 BEL
15.12.2018 Toi Toi Cup Mlada Boleslav C1 CZE
15.12.2018 Ciclo-cross Ciudad de Xativa Xativa C2 ESP
15.12.2018 Czech National Cyclo-Cross Champs Mlada Boleslav CN CZE
15.12.2018 Utsunomiya Cyclo Cross Day1 Utsunomiya city C2 JPN
15.12.2018 DVV verzekeringen trofee – Scheldecross Antwerpen C1 BEL
16.12.2018 Int. Radquerfeldein GP Pferdezentrum Stadl-Paura C2 AUT
16.12.2018 USA National Championships Louisville, KY, USA CN USA
16.12.2018 Cyclo-Cross Internacional Ciudad de Valencia Valencia C2 ESP
16.12.2018 Telenet Superprestige Zonhoven Zonhoven C1 BEL
16.12.2018 Utsunomiya Cyclo Cross Day2 Utsunomiya city C2 JPN
22.12.2018 Waaslandcross Sint-Niklaas C2 BEL
23.12.2018 Telenet UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup Namur CDM BEL
26.12.2018 Telenet UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup Heusden-Zolder CDM BEL
26.12.2018 Cross-Race / Pfaffnau GP Luzern Pfaffnau C2 SUI
28.12.2018 DVV verzekeringen trofee – Azencross Loenhout C1 BEL
29.12.2018 Cyclocross Bredene Bredene C2 BEL
30.12.2018 Telenet Superprestige Diegem Diegem C1 BEL
30.12.2018 3ème Coupe de France Cyclo-cross Flamanville C2 FRA
01.01.2019 DVV verzekeringen trofee – GP Sven Nys Baal C1 BEL
01.01.2019 Grand Prix Garage Collé Pétange C2 LUX
02.01.2019 EKZ CrossTour Meilen C1 SUI
05.01.2019 Abadiñoko udala saria Abadiano C2 ESP
05.01.2019 Cyclocross Gullegem Gullegem C2 BEL
06.01.2019 GP Leuven Leuven C1 BEL
06.01.2019 National Trophy Series Round 6 Shrewsbury C2 GBR
06.01.2019 Cyclo-cross La Meziere La Meziere C1 FRA
11.01.2019 Spanish National Championships Pontevedra CN ESP
12.01.2019 French National Championships Besançon CN FRA
12.01.2019 Portugese National Championships Marrazes – Leiria CN POR
12.01.2019 Italian National Championships Milan CN ITA
12.01.2019 Czech National Championships – ME, WE Hole Vrchy CN CZE
12.01.2019 German National Championships Kleinmachnow CN GER
12.01.2019 Luxembourg National Championships Brouch CN LUX
12.01.2019 Dutch National Championships Huijbergen CN NED
12.01.2019 Belgian National Championships Kruibeke CN BEL
12.01.2019 British National Championships Cyclopark, Gravesend CN GBR
13.01.2019 Romania National Championships Sibiu CN ROU
14.01.2019 Cyclocross Otegem Otegem C2 BEL
20.01.2019 Gran Premio Città di Vittorio Veneto Vittorio Veneto TV C2 ITA
20.01.2019 ZAO-sama Cup Tohoku CX Series Zao C2 JPN
20.01.2019 Grand Prix Möbel Alvisse Leudelange C2 LUX
20.01.2019 UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup Pont-Château CDM FRA
26.01.2019 Internationale Cyclocross Rucphen Rucphen C2 NED
26.01.2019 Kasteelcross Zonnebeke Zonnebeke C2 BEL
27.01.2019 Telenet UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup Hoogerheide CDM NED
02.02.2019 UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships Bogense CM DEN
06.02.2019 Parkcross Maldegem Maldegem C2 BEL
09.02.2019 DVV verzekeringen trofee – Krawatencross Lille C1 BEL
10.02.2019 Telenet Superprestige Hoogstraten Hoogstraten C1 BEL
16.02.2019 Telenet Superprestige Noordzeecross Middelkerke C1 BEL
17.02.2019 Vestingcross Hulst Hulst C2 NED
24.02.2019 Internationale Sluitingsprijs Oostmalle Oostmalle C1 BEL

UCI Cyclo Cross

International cyclo cross races can be rowdy affairs full of noise, the smell of frites on the wind and ‘Smeets’ on the breath, dodgy disco music assaulting your senses and there are a few who miss the action because of their own excess.

Beer hall in Italy

Belgian frites

Koksijde, Belgium

World Champs Italy

Gavere, Belgium

Also Gavere

2018/19 Results/Video Links

2017/18 Season – 2016/17 Season – 2015/16 Season

Koksijde World Cup Cross
Belgium Cross Experience 2008

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