London/SE Cross League 2 Preview – September 16 2018

The Kinesis UK London and South Cyclo Cross League holds round two of the 2018/19 season at Crystal Palace, south London organised by London Phoenix on September 16.

The London Cyclo-Cross association came into being in the 1950’s and a league has run ever since, although in the 2000’s ‘South East’ was added to the League title as many races are not actually held in London.

Palace a ‘lost Course’ and a World Championship Venue

GLC Championships picture courtesy of Paul Gibbs

We lost Crystal Palace for so many years until recently when Paul Maunder (Rainbows in the Mud) opened the door as he sought a venue for a possible World Cup to be held in London and London Phoenix stepped in to promote a Kinesis UK London/SE League event.

In the summer months a very popular circuit series is held in the park but sadly cyclo cross stopped being held there in the 1980’s. This was much felt by many as ‘Palace’ has an amazing cyclo cross heritage having hosted the World Cyclo Cross Championships in 1973 and many editions of the GLC London Champs before it fell out of use.

Check these links for more videos and history:
Crystal Palace Circuit Races and a wee bit of history about the venue.
Lost London Cyclo Cross Courses – CP was once one of almost 100 lost venues.
Crystal Palace – One of the then Lost Cyclo Cross Courses.
Crystal Palace Facebook post regarding the lost cyclo cross venue.

2018 Event Information

The course centres upon the middle terrace where once the Crystal Palace stood in the north of the park. The course is mostly flat and fast before the riders climb steps guarded by Sphinx (maybe not those pictured) and then weaves through wooded areas. No real big climbs but plenty of testing stuff nonetheless.

Note: important points are that:
– access by car is from Anerley HIll. There is ample car parking.
– there are also a number of train stations in the area, including Crystal Palace, Anerley, Penge West, Gipsy Hill, Sydenham, Sydenham Hill.
– we will have toilets but there will be no changing rooms.
– there will be catering by Herne Hill Youth, Volcano coffee and Canopy beer.
– there will be staggered sign-on: U10/U12 from 9.15am, Youth from 10am, Junior/Vet40 from 10.30am, Women/Vet50 from 11.30am and Seniors from 12.15pm.

Race Times
U10s – 10.00am (10 mins)
U12s – 10.20am (15 mins)
Youth (U14 and U16) – 10.50am (30 mins)
V40 Men and Junior Men – 11.50am – (40-45 mins)
All Women (Jun, Sen, V40,V50) & V50 Men – 13.05 – (40 mins)
Senior Men – 14.15 – (60 mins)

HQ: Crystal Palace Park, Anerley Hill, London SE19 2GA.

There is entry on the day although it is cheaper and it makes for an easier race day to enter online at ––se-league-rd-2

Online entries close 18:00 14-SEP-2018

London/SE League
The website of the league is currently being updated and information, news and updates can be found at the LDN/SE Cross League Facebook group –

2018/19 Calendar (plus National Trophy, National Champs, Team Champs & East Kent League)
You can find a full calendar with entry information here –

Kinesis UK –

GLC Championships picture courtesy of Paul Gibbs

These steps will not be used but do lead you to the course in the north of the park.

All that remains of the Crystal Palace which was built in iron sections

The terrace where the action will take place.

Crystal Palace 1985 picture courtesy of Glyn Durrant

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