Hannover Cyclo Cross – 7. IhmeCross 2019

The 7. IhmeCross der RSG Hannover promoted by Radsportgemeinschaft Hannover e.V. held on October 3 2019.

It was great to attend this event in 2018 and it marked my first visit to a German cyclo cross. I had such a good time and enjoyed the cake so much I returned in 2019.

The journey time to Hannover meant that we only got there at lunchtime and thus we missed all the race categories that had begun from 9am. What we did see was a fine veteran men 50plus race featuring an old London cyclo cross friend Thorsten Klaase, a competitive youth battle, a veteran 40 plus men’s race run concurrently with what was a magnificent women’s race (which was only settled at the flag – except there was no flag) and a senior race with the junior men.

Once more it was good to be at cyclo cross event that had a real grass roots feel.

I did get a bit fixated by the bridge and the mistletoe hanging so heavy in trees. To my mind both framed the event as did the Ihme River (not the Leine as I say in the videos).

Huge thanks to all for a great day even if the heavens opened up once or twice!

2018 action: https://veloklubhaus.com/2018/11/02/hannover-cyclo-cross-the-6-ihmecross-2018/

2019 Pictures: https://www.facebook.com/pg/veloklubhaus/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2133306750307928 (more below)

2019 Videos
Two short videos which reminded me that I am out of practice.

Women/ Veteran Men 50+

Senior/Junior Men

2019 Full Gallery – Women/Veteran Men and Senior Men with a selection below

Full Gallery – Women/Veteran Men and Senior Men


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