Hannover Cyclo Cross – the 6. IhmeCross 2018

The 6. IhmeCross der RSG Hannover 2018 promoted by Radsportgemeinschaft Hannover e.V. and flanked by the Ihme River in Germany.

Around the globe cyclo cross events have almost the same elements, of course a different spoken language stands out, but the general building blocks remain much the same.

I bitterly wished I had seen the ‘Viktoria’ Cyclo cross set in Berlin which I had missed by a few days when I was there in the early 90’s, since then I have worked or spectated at World Championships (Italy was fun), World Cups, international and national cyclo cross events. Despite the ‘glamour’ of these races I have always preferred regional or local cross (whether cross, road, track or MTB etc.) and so when I realised during a visit to Germany there was to be a midweek race I was committed to visiting.

October 31 is a new public holiday in Niedersachsen marking the Reformation, and despite it being a localised holiday the 6. IhmeCross also drew people from other areas. I must say a large thankyou to organiser Alexander Dittel (pictured below) who gave me lots of help to attend, and all who made this great event happen!

The 6. IhmeCross is a relaxed and a ‘quiet’ promotion; to my mind it felt like London and the South East ten years ago before we were flooded with entrants and had to ‘get real’ in how we organised matters. The Hannover Cross may have lacked the numbers and oversight that I am used too – this was refreshing especially as the racing was still competitive.

There were great cakes – the barometer of a good cross, wonderful coffee and a fantastic relaxed atmosphere, although it was quiet, without good natured heckling and noise being made by the spectators. Thankfully Andrea who had accompanied me had tooled up with a Rouleur bell and a ‘Tour d’Energie’ clappy-flappy thing, and she really made some atmospheric racket.

We had got there just in time to see the end of the Youth and ‘Hobby-Rennen’, and we then enjoyed the women’s and veteran men’s race followed by the senior men. What we missed were the youth events and more ‘hobby-rennen’ races, which had drawn good numbers of entrants.

Radsportgemeinschaft Hannover e.V. FB page

Women (all cats) and Veteran Men
Senior Men
Also on YouTube

A selection of pictures – The full gallery from the Women/Veteran Men and Senior Men races is here

Full Gallery – Women/Veteran Men and Senior Men

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