Buying cat food part 2 – October 30 2019 Road/Gravel Ride

We chose to make buying cat food a little more fun by including a trip along the Leine Valley to look at Bovenden.

When we hit the first section of gravel mist was hanging across the landscape and by the time, we had made our way along more gravel, tarmac and concrete farm roads the sun had burnt it away. When we were in direct sun it felt quite warm otherwise the ´Arctic Break Out’ is still making for cold days.

So why Bovenden, why not? It is the sort of place you rarely give a second thought about, but there are some cool cycle trails to and back from this village to make it a worth-while spot to visit.

The last big thing to happen here was in April 1945 a few days after Göttingen surrendered to the advancing US First Army when the Nazi´s attempted a panzer counterattack that was quickly neutralised by the combined might of US artillery and tank fire. It did leave some parts of Bovenden in ruins.

Otherwise Bovenden is a quiet dormitory village for Göttingen and Northeim.

When we did get to the pet shop, I did ponder whether to buy kitty a cat house.

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