YouTube and me

I have been ignoring my YouTube channel for a while now ever since Facebook made posting video much easier and allowed good access to friends etc. Now I have renamed my YouTube channel Velo Klubhaus to reflect this (my) website.

I shot my first video on November 13, 2011 at Stanmer Park, Brighton for a round of the London/SE Cyclo Cross League. Since then I have posted over 500 videos! At first I shot action on a small compact Panasonic camera and then later a Canon SLR.

What I have always done is to not edit content or add music, if you want the latter well, there is MTV and everything is as live.

The videos on my channel feature many iconic venues and events from across the cycling disciplines in the London and South East area, plus a few further afield such as when I lost my camera in the Arenberg Forest.

Also conducted an impromptu interview with the late Mike Hall at a round of Beastway MTB Series just after he had completed his round the world ride.

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