Taking it for granted – October 23 2019 road/gravel ride

It occurred to me as I stepped out for a ride and had progressed about 10 kilometres that I was taking this wonderful ability to ride so many cool trails and roads for granted.

Before March 2019 when I moved here from London, going for a ride was hard work, not the ride itself but navigating London´s often hostile roads for long periods of time before hitting ´good’ roads similar to the ones I am now riding here in Germany.

On this ride I mixed easy gravel with tarmac, cobbles, panzer weg and less extreme farmers roads. I also added a trip up the Bismarck Strasse to Kesterlingroder Feld.

On route I saw the mammoth machine for harvesting the sugar beet, I said hello to the local boars and noted the checkpoints for an orienteering event to be held soon.

On reflection I am feeling very grateful even if the sun wasn´t able to burn through the low hanging mist that enveloped the Leine Valley.

The Ride
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