Into the cool forest – June 19 ride 2019

The sun is strong and the temperature is high and there is no better place to ride than the forest in such conditions.

Oddly, there is something about a German forest that is slightly disturbing even on such a nice day because you do get the feeling that the trees are watching and twitching behind your back (a rich source of story lines for the Brothers Grimm). One thing is for sure it is a much cooler spot than the man-made environment and in places the forest floor remained muddy and some roots slippery being still wet from recent storms.

I had a few hours to spare and I rode the cobbled and sun-baked climb through the Zieten barracks (now terrace), then the Panzer Weg before I hit the cool of the forest. Quite a tough ride in the heat nonetheless and I almost bailed out on one long climb which had followed an almost ten minute gravel descent.

I hit lots of flowing single track where I gave way to a faster mountain biker who flew past me with a ‘danke’ on his more suitable machine.

I included stops at the observatory (which I think can’t turn after being strafed by the British in WW2) and the newer building started by the Nazi’s to explore the effects of sunspot activity on radio waves, but was only completed after the fighting stopped. Goettingen is a member of the astrophysics community Worldwide and hosts a Space Research Centre.

The sundial was almost accurate.

I also reached the Bismarck Turm; he was a student in Goettingen and was forced to sleep outside the city walls at night because of his disruptive behaviour.

The ride:

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