Gö Demi-Tour – October 20 2019 Road/Gravel Ride

I was still feeling a little battered despite a good night´s sleep from the previous day’s efforts at the Wieter-Plesse-Biking-CTF and I was advised to go for a recovery ride.

I took out my Gö White Roads bike which is great for a combination of less gruesome gravel and nicely benign tarmac because I wanted to avoid rough riding and thus, I stuck to tarmac and light gravel. My route turned into a sort of demi-tour of Göttingen hitting the less than white gravel roads in the Leine Valley, through the city centre (almost car free) and up the long climb of the Bismarck Strasse to the Kehr and onto Kerstlingeröderfeld (where Leopards and Chieftains once roamed). It was here where I went for my first bike ride when I first moved to Germany in March and I got a bit thoughful at the time.

I rode past the old Manor House now a ruin after decades of playing war games had reduced it to its present form and onto the forest tarmac climb deep into the Göttingen Wald to the forsthaus at Mackenröder Spitze (the highest hill in the area) where I  did a U-turn and flew back down, but having to be careful as rain was falling and the road was carpeted in leaves.

There was then the descent of the Panzer Weg, the cobbles of Zeiten Terrace (once Barracks) and home.

I got wet, I got dirty and I had to keep reminding myself to SOFT-PEDAL for I was enjoying myself so much it was easy to get carried away.

The Ride
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