Die Eisheiligen – May 26 2020 Road/Gravel Ride

In the last weeks we have had some very warm days and on one such ride I even got a suntan. We have also been through the ´Ice Saints´ period during May when the temperature annually plummets, and I was getting the impression that the Eisheilige wouldn´t go away!

Today I took out my road/gravel bike fitted with Gravel King slick tyres so I could mix road and gravel on what turned out to be quite warm with some sunshine – Hooray!

Thankfully the 50kph gusts of wind which have blown for a few days have also abated – Hooray!

On route I stopped to visit the war cemetery at Friedland where 69 souls, mostly refugees and displaced women, children and men are buried and who died because of World War Two. I spent sometime there thinking of them.

Friedland is the location of a post WW2 Transit Camp where millions of people flowed through.

(The Ice Saints)

The Ride
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