Arctic Break Out – October 29 2019 Gravel/Road Ride

An ´Arctic Break Out´ is bringing cold air to Northern and Central Europe, but with the sun shining it didn´t feel so glacial until I was descending, where a strong wind chill did cut into me. I do wonder when the winter really sets in how I will fair.

This time I rode the Kopfsteinpflaster climb through Zeiten Terrace (once barracks), with a tarmac sting at the end onto the high plateau of Kerstlingeröderfeld.

Then it was further climbing through the forest to Mackenröder Spitze, the highest point in Göttingen, here I did a U-turn and soared back down at 40kph plus whilst feeling the cold. (a gilet in my pocket next time).

Next it was more descending into the Leine Valley and the contrast was great – the enclosed nature of the forest and the open lowlands along the Leine River.

This was a ride with a good mix of tarmac, concrete, cobbles, panzer weg and gravel.

The Ride
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