Yes Renee, your tyres did make your bike look fat – January 25 2020 Gravel/Road Ride

After the successful screening of the film For the Love of Mud the evening before five of us met at the velodrome on what was a cold day.

Being dry there was little chance of black ice. When I comment on the weather to locals, they often remind me that it can reach minus 20! This hasn´t been the case for a few years now and although I am glad its not that crazy it still feels cold to me.

I, Andrea, Josh, Renee and Tim rode and talked about the cold and fat tyres. Renee and Tim left us after a while (they are training for the Berlin Marathon!) whilst we continued on the gravel and we saw some cool geology. It seems the area is very interesting in that regard.

Thanks to Josh for organising the ride.

The Ride
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