Wild Flowers and My Compass of Motives – June 13 Ride

The rains had lashed us from above for a few days which saw the temperature fall. What is interesting is that unlike my experience of the UK it remains pretty warm here in Germany despite the deluge and now it is getting quite toasty again.

I rode a pretty tough 50 kilometre this day with a trip out to the old Internal Grenze combining gravel, tarmac and kolonweg. It’s rather exciting to hit over 60kph on tarmac but its life affirming to drift your front wheel at 45kph plus (my Challenge tyres saved me) on muddy gravel as I did (both) today!

The crops on route were nearly all bordered with wild flowers and the amount of mud on my bike post ride must mean that I had fun.

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg liked my bike although he did question my “Compass of Motives” for riding Campagnolo Record off road.

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