Sunflowers on the Cold War Fault Line – August 16 2019 Ride

I note that it has been raining a lot and it is pretty cold in Britain. Tales of punctures and soakings are plentiful on my social media timeline.

Meanwhile here we welcome rain as everything is dry and somewhat wonderfully when it does rain and although it can be really, really hard stair-rod style, it soon clears up and it remains warm. So whilst I commiserate with all in my old home-land I am making the most of the sun here. But winter is coming as someone said to me….

The never ending training camp continues and after years of neglect I am still building up my recovery powers – after an excellent gravel ride earlier in the week with Gunnar Fehlau I opted for a road spin out to the old East German border near Kirchgandern (once in the DDR).

On the old border now grow Sunflowers and with many Sunflowers now past their best in the area it was nice to see these in full bloom.

Prior to this ride Gunnar Fehlau gave me a fahrstil – das Radmagazin. sticker which now adorns my bike and we lamented at how many stickers I had given or thrown away prior to my move to Germany.

The Ride: No GPS on this trip but here is a link to our gravel ride earlier in the week where Gunnar and I met some goats:

Cycle Fahrrad Goettingen home page

The now defunct custom building

Ye olde Besenhausen once pushed up against the DDR border