Summer Nights – July 30 2019 Ride

The temperature had been a nice 25 all day which wasn’t much use to me as I was busy. Thus, I ventured out at 6.30pm thinking it will of course be cooler only that’s not how Central European weather works. It was instead 28 to over 30.

I covered pretty much now well-known roads, gravel and forest tracks with a few twists added. Namely because I was having such a great ride and the sun was still shining I didn’t want to stop so I added a trip around the old city wall. I joined lovers, drunks and picnickers on this raised boundary of the city. I included a stop outside the house where a young Otto Von Bismarck lived, which is built up against but not actually in the city when he was not allowed to spend his nights within the walls due to his outrageous behaviour. He went onto successful push for Pan-Germanism and he was the chief architect of the first German nation state.

The wall wasn’t enough it seemed to me so I then ventured into the Hainberg Forest which was amazing as a red setting sun was colouring everything with a rather mystical glow. The Forest was replanted in the first years of the German Reich when it stopped becoming economic to graze sheep for a declining wool trade and had become bracken etc.

Even without the visit to the wall and the Hainberg, plus a stop outside the city theatre it would have been a great ride and I managed a steady 23kph average over some tough terrain despite the loss of pace because of pedestrians and crossing roads etc. on the wall, so ‘RAH’ me.

It is also harvest time here and this adds a certain nuance to any ride.

The Ride:

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