Riding with Tom – August 7 2019 Ride

Having ridden for three days straight from the Netherlands to us in Germany we of course took Tom out on a bike ride next day.

We joined Gunnar Fehlau for our regular lunchtime spin taking in a mixed surface route with a twist – we got a puncture! All fixed with the quick hands of Gunnar who had to ride back up the hill we had all stopped on to help sort it out. I thankfully had heard the calls of “puncture” before I had flown down the rest of the descent.

Poor Gunnar had to go back to work whilst we went for ‘I-scream’ in the city centre with our bikes looked after by philosopher Lichtenberg and on route we came across a bike that had once been a submarine in the nearby Leine River, then home for a fruit flan and a ‘Drunken Monk’ cake.

Life is hard…

30 years ago I went to buy a copy of Winning Magazine at Waterloo Station in London. Having purchased my monthly fix of continental and USA racing I spied Tom and a friend with fully loaded bikes and I went to say hello.

I took them home with me and they stayed the week and now I got to meet one of them, Tom in my new home town.

The Ride: No GPS we rode on feelings alone.

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