Off-Colour Gö White Roads – September 29 2019 GöWeißeStraßen Ride

It had been raining for a few days and more was forecast, I elected to ride to satisfy my inner Roubaix or Strada Bianche (GöWeißeStraßen). It didn’t happen – no rain and I might have preferred that to the strong wind that developed as I rode.

I did get into the Roubaix/Strada Bianche zone as I skipped along the wet off-white gravel roads, concrete wegs and all linked together by almost traffic free tarmac public roads. My route also included the climb from Appenrode past the Gleichen Hills where thereafter the run into Gelliehausen saw my bike and I hit over 60kph.

On route I noticed a fellow rider in difficulty and asked “OK?” and he replied in English with a German accent that his chain was jammed. I with some nonchalance fixed his problem in 25 seconds. This amazed me, but as I rode away what really amazed me was how did he know I was British from just saying “OK”?

The Ride
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