Not Roses of Picardy – November 23 2019 Road Ride

The public roads and landscape along the Leine Valley near Gö remind me of Picardy and Northern France. Any further resemblance is lost because the villages look different (although familiar) and rather than cobbled (Roubaix) farm roads they are gravel.

Also the hills along the Leine Valley are natural whilst in Northern France they can be man made created from the detritous of a now lost coal mining industry.

I kept off the gravel this ride, well, except for two kilometres although I did hit some concrete farm and forest roads.

The sun was shining but it was cold and colder still when on a forest road.

Instead of gravel, I added hills and when I descended, I slowed as it felt super cold when travelling at 40 kph plus.

I also criss-crossed the train line which was busy with freight.

The Ride
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A Buster Keaton moment, not really

The start of the climb up to Appenrode

A cold concrete forest road