London Calling with Neil – September 17/18/19 Gravel Rides

Making a quick visit to see us was my old friend Neil Simpson from London who was in Germany to commissaire two UCI mountain bikes events.

We took the opportunity to undertake three gravel rides.

Brings Speed – September 17 2019 Gravel/road ride

On this lunchtime ride we were joined by Neil Simpson an old friend from London who is here to commissaire a couple of UCI mountain bike races including the World Endurance Champs at Grachen.

Gunnar Fehlau had lent Neil his monster cross and he opted to ride his Fat Bike (main picture), and yes whenever I jumped away I could hear the sound, like a Panzer, as Gunnar made up the gap. The addition of Neil upped the pace on this ride and Gunnar remarked to me as we were left on a hill; “The UCI brings speed”.

After we said farewell to Gunnar we took a look at the velodrome, then a spin around the city wall and home through the Hainberg Forest.

Thanks Gunnar for the bike loan and the company, you star!

The ride
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Strada Bianche Goettingen – September 18 Gravel Ride

Day two of Neil Simpson’s stay with us and we ventured out to the Burg Plesse. The route saw us take in only a handful of kilometres of public roads, more Panzer Weg, long climbs and amazing gravel descents.

We decided that although they may not have the romance of the Italian Strada Bianche nonetheless we have white roads here in Goettingen and its surrounds. Some are a bit grey we have to admit.

This ride echoed one we did in the summer and my write up then includes stuff about the castle:

It was pretty cold this day and we shivered a bit as we ate our lunch.

Thanks again to Gunnar Fehlau for the loan of the bike!!!!!

The ride
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With Extra Gravel – September 19 2019 Gravel Ride

Our final ride before Neil Simpson departs to work at the World Endurance MTB Championships at the weekend, echoed the ride we did with Gunnar Fehlau on Tuesday.

This time I added a number of strada, kolonweg and gravel sections plus the Kopfsteinpflaster to the ride and we ended at the watch tower that once guarded the approaches to Goettingen along the Leine Valley.

Sadly no Gunnar today or Andrea Hofling, but both were there in spirit and of course Gunnar’s bike was with us (huge thanks to him for the loan).

Hopefully Neil will be back with his yellow shoes and with Emma, as we like visitors.

Time for a wee rest and then more fun at the weekend which should include cake!

The ride
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