Gravel Bike Goettingen

I am almost an ex-London cyclist and I am almost a Goettingen rider – I have a fondness for cyclo cross and gravel cycling.

I assume you were directed to the URL – via a search engine and you then found yourself here.

This webpage will be about gravel riding and when I am regularly riding the Goettingen gravel, naturweg and roads it will be updated.

I bet it feels spooky at night

There are other types of cycling which I also follow, so please take a look at the rest of the site.

I would love to hear from you and if you don’t mind helping me with my German we might go out for a ride – I need to learn the routes!

Please do get in touch –

My only Goettingen ride write up is this – Peace Dividend Fahrradtour – Zieten Barracks – Kerstlingeröderfeld

and from London

My winter cross bike a Trek X02 pictured in 2018

Three Pimples – North Downs Gravel Fahrradtour

My German is terrible but I am learning!

John Mx