Good old mechanical action – October 12 2019 Gravel Ride

It was a week where my computer decided it would rather push up digital daisies (thankfully all backed up – fingers crossed). I then had to buy a new one and load all the appropriate software onto it (remembering passwords!!!).

This was followed by… I must have done this a hundred times correctly, I put the battery back into my trusty compact camera upside down. I had to take the camera apart to take it out and then reassemble it! It was with bated breath that I turned it back on….. and it works still.

In summary, not a great week for human computer digital interfacing and so feeling a bit Luddite it was great to go out for a spin on the mechanically perfect bicycle.

I did take my camera (plus watch and phone – the latter turned off) and I elected to leave my Garmin at home for a good 36 (approx.) km ride taking in some nice gravel and in good weather.

Although some of the trails were a bit muddy a product of recent storms it would seem we are in for a warm period and we were overdressed!!!!!

Much of the Maize grown in the area is used for bio-fuel.

The Ride: The ride is not on Strava but it DID happen.

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