Giant Jammy Dodger – August 20 2019 Ride

Training camp? I think not – a day for a cool gravel ride with Gunnar Fehlau and we almost reprised the route we rode for the first time with him in March. I can’t quite believe that I have been here five months!

This time and although we followed similar sections we pedalled over a greater distance.

Since March Gunnar has been a major reason for me feeling more at home here in Central Europe – so a big ‘on the rivet’ Danke to him.

This ride we played it cool and we did not try any fancy stuff such as sprinting for signs etc. rather we explored (for me anyway) and that was wonderful.

We even got a cake for Gunnar and a giant ‘Jammy Dodger’ for me post ride.

No GPS but this is the link to our first ride way back on March 28 2019 –

Cycle Fahrrad Goettingen home page

Looking toward Goettingen