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I have a Facebook page and I post items about cyclo cross, cycling and London life, and the former can be found on another page.

I mostly posted cycling stuff to promote the sport in the London/South East area but from 2016 I began to post features about London and elsewhere. This is what you will find here. Some posts flag up features that can be found on this website, others just things that have caught my interest. It would seem that my posts are grouped in themes – including those from the Harz Mountains, Remembrance, River Thames and Vauxhall’s lost industries etc..

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Ain’t no mountain high enough…

I love model trains.

Schwarzer Magister (desert) – London Summer evening 2

Grie Sooß – London Summer evening 1

Old spuds, old bread and pears plus a luxury

I’m in fahrstil nr.28

Summer Food

Baby Trump

Plastic Wave

RAF 100


Windmills on my mind

Manchester 2018

Berlin Souvenirs

Berlin 1991

Avus Motor Racing Circuit – Berlin 1988

Berlin Wall Art

Axel Springer building Berlin 1989

Gottingen Freidhof – Abandoned?

Separation, abandonment or ‘left behind’ are words that will scare most of us. These thoughts came into my head as I…

Posted by John Mullineaux on Friday, June 2, 2017

Tower Bridge to Surrey Quays

The River Thames is no longer the centre for world trade, once so busy that boats could find themselves locked in at…

Posted by John Mullineaux on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cable Street – London

In October 1936 Sir Oswald Mosley attempted to lead the British Union of Fascists (BUF) along Cable Street into a London…

Posted by John Mullineaux on Saturday, August 19, 2017

I didn’t find a velodrome but I did find….

London is full of seemingly forgotten stories that can come alive if you have an enquiring mind and if you look beyond…

Posted by John Mullineaux on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Lambeth Walk – Vauxhall SE11

Walking to buy inner tubes from Brixton Cycles in SW9

London is hectic and stressful, but behind the seemingly endless tumult are quieter parts of the city.This is my walk…

Posted by John Mullineaux on Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Dinner for One – Lego style

Nine Elms Station – Vauxhall

Crown Baths – Vauxhall

Charlie Chaplin – Kennington SE11

Sarson’s Vinegar – Vauxhall

Royal Doulton – Vauxhall

Beefeater Gin – Vauxhall

Marmite – Vauxhall

The SS Great Britain – River Thames

The deaths of Nancy and Bill – London

Jacobs Island Rookery

Vassollo memorial 

Arcadia – London

White Hart Dock – Vauxhall

Royal Aquarium Westminster – London

Rotherhithe – London

Surrey Waters – London

Bermondsey Wall – London

James Collis Victoria Cross

Passport to Pimlico

Remembrance – Diversity in action

Remembrance – Tolerance

Remembrance – Koksijde

Remembrance – Kemmelberg

Vauxhall Park Fete

Earlsfield Cemetery – Let’s build the NHS

My post about the Gottingen Stadtfriedhof in central Germany and the sense of abandonment I felt whilst there, got me…

Posted by John Mullineaux on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Earlsfield Cemetery – Lets Build the NHS – Cinderella Dance Club

Earlsfield Cemetery – Lets Build the NHS – Kennington Park

Thames Seaside

Mudlarking – River Thames

Mudlarking – Cricket Clay Pipe

John Parr – WW1  Cyclist

Nuts and Bolts of the Thames

Oops I’m bourgeois – Biedermeier Furniture

Spit out of middle Germany – The Harz Mountains

Sankt Andreasberg – Harz Mountains

Harz Mountains – biking

Kriegsgraberstatte – Sankt Andreasberg, Harz Mountains

Rehbergklinik – Harz Mountains

It must lead somewhere? Peace Dividend Ride

Calling home it started here – Gottingen

In a Gottingen Forest

C&A – lost from the UK high street

Woolworth – lost from the UK high street

A2 – Cyclopark

St Marys Church – The Putney Debates – London

Betteshanger Cyclo Cross – More than a race