• Gö North Feldweg Omloop – April 26 2023

    A new Gö Feldweg Omloop travelling north of Göttingen following the Leine Valley reaching out beyond Bovenden and Nörten-Hardenberg. Whilst we go close to Northeim we turn back before it and our return shadows the journey out but is different. Within a crowded valley floor are Intertwined a myriad of Feldweg (concrete, asphalt, and white… Continue Reading

  • Gö Gravel Het Volk – February 4 2023

    This was a scouting ride for a – Love of mud – Gö Gravel party ride to be held in February, 2023. Straße, Betonweg, Feldweg, Kopfsteinpflaster, and gravel The track follows public roads (14km), Betonweg, asphalt feldweg, cobblestones, and 18 gravel sectors. The tour features sections of both the Gö Feldweg Omloop and the Gö… Continue Reading