Bye 2019 – December 30 2019 Road/Gravel Ride

My last ride of the year was dictated by only a short period of time being available to me and this was true of my Christmas.

I went looking for more gravel sections for Gö Strade Bianche and I spent a lot of time going back the way I came after a trail would just disappear.

I had to be wary of ice here and there otherwise the cold temperature of the day was fine although it felt very bitter by the partially frozen Wendebachstauße.

The area I am in central Europe offers some amazing skies and the featured photograph hardly gives justice to the marvellous light show when the sun fell below the skyline.

I hope 2020 is good for you.

The Ride
NOT ON STRAVA etc. and yes, it did happen and the ride was about 30km in total.

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