Blown in the Wind – October 6 2019 Road/Gravel Ride

It was for rides like this that I built my Gö white roads bike for. I set out from Geismar along a smooth cycle path before I hit the gravel at the watch tower overlooking the city approaches of Goettingen.

There after it was a mix of quiet roads, concrete forest and farm tracks and more gravel. The recent heavy rain has left the white roads a little off colour.

I added a wee bit more tarmac to the ride including the climb up from Bremke to what was once the old Internal Border. This added an amazingly fast descent back into Bremke in addition to the downward spirals into Gelliehausen and Benniehausen.

Although thankfully the ride was a dry one, the wind was capricious. It would hit me in the face forcing me at times to grovel and then it would get behind me making me feel like a cycling god! Descents that I would normally hit 60 plus upon saw me instead hover in the 50’s as the wind pushed back.

The Ride
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The Gleichen Hills are ahead and on route

The Gleichen

The Gö white roads are off colour