Almost Bianche – March 12 2020 Gravel/Road Ride

The last days has seen huge rain fall, which although good for the forest, ground water and the water supply is still a pain. Today, and after a torrent in the morning the sun shone and made the trails look almost bianche as they dried.

This ride is the smaller route version of the Gutingi Strade Bianche at 42km, I did try to limit it to 30km but the sun was shining and I added a wee bit. I have dismissed the nasty sting in the tail of the 55 and 66km rides by missing out a series of climbs near ride end.

It was so nice to ride on quick drying trails and not be swimming at times as has become the norm of late. The wind today was tough and after spinning along nicely at 25kph with a side wind buffeting me it became apparent how strong it was when I turned into it, and in a few moments lost 10kph forcing me to respond with more effort.

I rode my ´road´ bike and used 28mm Vittoria Pave tyres, these are great although I would prefer just a bit more air volume and am thinking of changing. Road tyres on gravel require you to let the tyre drift and find its own way – you do need to be ready to flick the bars to save yourself. Riding the same stretches recently on a pair Rene Herse tyres reminded just how much more speed I could achieve with them.

I had serviced a pair of road Look Keo Blades pedals (they were creaking) and it was a good opportunity to test them on the ride. Thankfully no more creak and road pedals/shoes really are so much stiffer than MTB models.

Gutingi Strade Bianche

The Ride
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