• Road Race Gravel & Pave Reports 2021

    Results, video and picture links from cycle road races held in 2021 which feature gravel, pave and dirt. Road races that have in common a touch of the ‘Roubaixesque’ about them. I am now based in Germany and so sadly I cannot say that all the video links can be viewed in other countries or… Continue Reading

  • Mehr Kuchen in Gö – June 13 2021 Gravel Ride

    DESuper begehbare Schotterwege, blühende Frühlingsblumen und Kuchen! Wunderbar!!! ENGWonderful! I rolled out of my home and five minutes later I was on the gravel unlike my years living in Central London. Finally, the late blooming spring flowers are coming to life bringing colour to the white roads of Göttingen. We rode sections of what became… Continue Reading

  • First Café Cake of 2021 in Gö – June 11 2021 Road Ride

    DEUnsere erste Tortenfahrt seit Sommer 2020 und auf einer sanften Tour haben wir Gänseaugen-Kuchen gegessen. Hurray! ENGThere is no ´Freedom Day´ date from Covid lockdown given in my area of Germany rather although the infection rates are down, there is a huge concern about future threats especially the Delta (Indian) variant coming from the UK,… Continue Reading

  • Luxury in Gö – June 3 2021 Gravel/Road Ride

    DEEine Schotter-, Betonweg- und Asphaltfahrt mit Ray, mit der Dransfeld Ramp und vielen Schotterstrecken. ENGWe mixed asphalt, betonweg and gravel on this ride meeting Ray at the Leine River under a railway bridge, come graffiti art gallery. Once assembled we headed along the Dransfeld Ramp, now a cycle route and which had previously been part… Continue Reading

  • Grusvej in Gö – June 1 2021 Gravel Ride

    DEEine kurze Hommage an das GP Herning ´Straße´ Radrennen Ende Mai mit 37 Kilometern Grusvej (Schotterstraße). ENGA short homage ride to the GP Herning ´road´ cycle race held at the end of May and which features 37 kilometres of Grusvej (gravel road). The Ride – 33kmI started in the Hainberg Forest climbing up to the… Continue Reading

  • Cover Picture

    Featured images used as a ‘cover’ for each month since April 2018 when Cyclesport.London became Velo Klubhaus.com. See also Gallery for lots of pictures from across Velo Klubhaus. June 2021Göttingen Strade Bianche looking toward the city. May 2021Berlepsch Castle, Göttingen. April 2021The Kopfsteinpflaster Carousel. March 2021Eisenbahn Romantik in Göttingen February 2021Mud and winter sunshine in… Continue Reading

  • Ribinou in Gö – May 23 2021 Gravel Ride

    Inspired by Tro-Bro Léon and the Strade Bianche I allowed my whimsy to lead me onto the Gö ´ribinou´ and in my-head I was soon ´racing´ both of these cool road events. In the Breton region the word for farm track is ribinou and in wider France they might be called gravé or chemin de… Continue Reading

  • 27 Degrees of Fun in Gö – May 9 2021 Road Ride

    We have suffered a long, long period of evil cold winds cutting you to the bone – today the sun shone, and the temperatures approached 30 degrees. After a week off the bike because of fatigue triggered by the AZ Covid vaccine I received recently I was determined to venture out and I felt awful… Continue Reading

  • Simple Pleasures in Gö – April 28 2021 Gravel Tour

    DEEine Nach-Covid-Impfungstour und wir haben es einfach gehalten. Warmer Sonnenschein ist gut. ENGWith plenty of antigens in our veins after vaccination and feeling a few side effects, we rode a tour close to home along well-known gravel sections. It was a joy to ride, and the sun was shining!!!! I have heard that April 2021… Continue Reading

  • Letter from Germany 12 – Immigrant

    March 2019 saw me in my new home city in Central Germany and two years on I am living in a time of a pandemic. I began writing these letters at the start of the pandemic in an attempt to understand Germany better and to get to grips with my relationship with the United Kingdom.… Continue Reading