6 Reed Court Farm, Chainshurst, Kent

Reed Court Farm, Chainhurst, Nr. Marden, Kent promoted by Geoff Hodgson on behalf of San Fairy Ann CC. This was a course that we began to race at a few years into the 2000’s and matured into one that was liked for its wooded sections and fast tracks. Except when muddy such as in 2008, but even then the Kentish mud was not an equipment ‘ripper’.

Sylvain Garde: “Oh yes I remember how warm it was in 2011. Tried to keep up with Wouter Sybrandy. One very bumpy area. One narrow passage between trees.”

Adrian Lyons: “Seem to remember a large clump of flies as you went over the finish line and got a quick protein meal!”

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Delia Beddis won the women’s race in a hot 2010

Bill Whenman somewhat bedraggled in 2008