5 Footscray Meadow, Sidcup, Kent

The Footscray Meadows Boxing Day Cross was held as close to Christmas as possible was organised by BC Gemini for four decades or so. This made it the oldest race on the south east cross calendar and a firm favourite with many. I once met the late Clement Freud (MP and broadcaster) there as he watched his nephew race. Some years it was snow covered, others so muddy that it became a crawl and once or twice the sun shined.

The issue for this course was its size meaning that it required many marshals and conflict with other park users was an issue. Also like many public spaces the local council often found new ways to make it more work each year to host.

BC Gemini had a strong French connection and some years a coach load of often rather drunk riders and spectators would join us Brit’s for a good thrash. They were not there in 2010 when it had been snowing.

David Rose: “Please don’t describe Footscray as ‘lost’, it’s my favourite course.”

Stuart McGhee: “Brings a tear to my eyes that this is not on the calendar anymore! I loved this course and the timing just after Christmas. Come on budding promoters get Footscray meadows back.”

Stuart Kinnon: “The first time I rode there back in 1993, a coach load of riders turned up from V.C. Roubaix, I was told they crossed the channel every year to ride.”


2014/15 Seniors

2014/15 Veteran men, Juniors and women

2014/15 Youth

More Footscray videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/cyclevidcrazy/search?query=footscray

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George Higgs through the trees with St James Church in the background in 2008

Bill Whenman leads the senior start 2008