25 Tanners Hatch, Ranmore Common, near Dorking

This was the Tanners Hatch Cyclo-Cross held on November 14, 1982 on Ranmore Common near Dorking. The event was run by the Youth Hostel warden, Graham Peddie.

Glyn Durrant said of this event: “Huge laps and not many riders. I remember the start was delayed due to a number of riders not getting back in time from their warm up laps as they got lost. One rider also broke his forks on the warm up lap and smashed his face.”

Tony Bartlett admitted: “Guilty confession time! The guy who smashed his face was my brother in law Malcolm who was riding one of my old frames, the steerer broke and the stem smashed his teeth. We sent him off to hospital (told him where it was and got on with the race). He now has a nice row of crowns. It was a bloody affair. I still feel bad about selling him my old frame.”

Adding more colour to the day, Glyn Durrant also said: “We stayed the night at a Youth Hostel and froze as the dorm we stayed in had no heating”

Picture above  is from 1982  courtesy of Glyn Durrant.

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Glyn in 1982 picture courtesy of Glyn Durrant