22 New Ponds, Redhill, Surrey

This lost cross course is New Pond Farm in Earlsfield near Redhill.

Glyn Durrant (who features in many of the pictures says that: “It was a fairly flat course around fields with a small gully to jump twice a lap.”

Brian Curtis is normally able to name any course but on New Ponds all he could say was: “I have at least got the excuse with some of these that I wasn’t born so didn’t race them”

Picture above – Washing bikes in the late 70’s picture courtesy of Glyn Durrant.

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Chris Neil in 2nd in front of Glyn Durrant with last man being Simon Scrasbrook on his touring bike in the last 70’s. Picture courtesy of Glyn Durrant

Glyn Durrant approaches the famous gully in the late 70’s picture courtesy of Glyn Durrant