21 Bagshot, Surrey

Paul Tunnell says of Bagshot in Surrey: “It was very sandy and exposed with few spectators/ helpers and Gorrick mountain bikers may have more recent memories.”

Tony Bartlett tells us that it is: “Now where the M3 crosses the old course”.

Paul Tunnell on a similar motorway theme said: “When we asked for directions the guy said go down ‘maultway’ which we thought he meant motorway not realising that was a road!!!!!!”

Now a veteran a younger Mick Bell won that day and Chris Beagley commented: “One of my favourite courses apart from Shirley Hills as a schoolboy”.

Simon Scarsbrook also rode at Bagshot: “I did my first cross at Bagshott/Cobham, I think it was the last race they did there. I just remember falling off, a lot”.

Picture above is of Mick Curtis in the 60’s picture courtesy of Brian Curtis

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Picture courtesy of Paul Tunnell

A young Mick Bell 3rd from the right in the late 70’s early 80’s picture courtesy of Paul Tunnell