17 The Nower, Dorking, Surrey

The Nower it is located in Dorking and I raced there a few times before the Redhill CC promotion ended because of conflict with dog walkers. Simon Scarsbrook agreed: “Yep, conflict with dog walkers – I remember a quote from a resident at the time saying she was unhappy with people from ‘outside the area’ using her park. Ho hum.”

Tony Vickers liked The Nower: “One of the best courses sadly missed along with its miniature toilets”.

Brian Curtis had a different memory: “ I used to love carnage that was the 100+ rider wide charge down to the 2 rider wide track at the end of the downhill starting field, I was always thankfully that I was a very fast starter so made the 1st 2 every time.” With much the same thought Paul Tunnell says: “I always enjoyed the cavalry charge down there, taking the path on the right hand side was always the fastest and got me to the front – although it didn’t last.”

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Sean Yates winning the Dorking CC event in the 80’s picture courtesy of Paul Gibbs